The Hamburg Players!

Freitag, 21. März 2014

Mit dem kurzweiligen Theaterstück ‚The Universal Language‘ unterhalten uns HEUTE die Hamburg Players zu den folgenden Zeiten:   17.30 Uhr—17.55 Uhr Colonnaden 47 19.30 Uhr—19.55 Uhr Raum 43, 1. Stock

‘The Universal Language’ is a short comedy by David Ives.  There are two characters:

Don is a con artist trying to swindle customers in to learning Unamunda, a fraudulent language.  Dawn is a shy 28-year-old woman with a stutter.

Dawn di Vito enters an office and wants to learn Unamunda.  Don Finninneganegan, the male character and inventor of the language, appears suddenly, speaking in the made-up language. Dawn becomes fascinated with Unamunda and agrees to pay $500 to learn it. Soon Dawn is as fluent as Don and she notices that the stutter she once had is gone...