Our school is closed for the moment, but you can book our new online courses and save 10%. The course will take place in a virtual classroom with interesting people from many different countries.

Interested but uncertain? Then just give it a try for free. We are looking forward to seeing you online! For further information click here or contact us Monday through Friday (9am - 6pm) by telephone or by email: 0049 40 34 58 50 and info(at)colon.de 

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Over 55 years of experience and satisfied students make Colón the leading language school in Hamburg. Here we have more detailed information about the benefits of Colón.

Sprachenschule Hamburg Einstufungstests

To determine the current level of language skills, we advise students to do a placement test. The test is free of charge and ensures effective learning by enrolling for the right course. If you would like to do a placement test online, please proceed.

Common European Framework

Reach your goals with Colón. In guiding you on your way to the top, Colón follows the course levels of the "Common European Framework of the European Commission for Languages": A1 - A2 - B1 - B2 - C1 - C2. For more information, click here.