Colón Concept/Mission Statement

Colón Concept

Colón was founded in 1952, making it one of the oldest private schools in Hamburg. Since our foundation we have had the goal of teaching students to communicate in a foreign language whilst integrating the foreign culture into the lessons. Teaching foreign languages is our primary role. In doing so, we support and challenge our course participants.  Colón works closely with business to achieve this target. We construct a learning situation to allow the maximum personal development. In the occupational/further education branch our goal is to suitably qualify people for the current market situation and to help people to return to the job market.


As occopational training is a decisive factor in deciding which social and professional development  potential and individual has, we have developed and implemented attractive offers for over 50 years to assist our clients. For Colón the goal is to give our students the opportunity to

  • have a wider range of opportunities
  • improve their professional and social situation
  • gain skills which they lack in the current market situation
  • improve their employment prospects

1. Our Goals

Our primary goal is the teaching of foreign languages. This is carried out with a particular focus on their practical use. Our students should be able to speak and understand the language in everyday situations. In language courses for special purposes (e.g. Business English) the target is more to qualify participants to allow their reintegration into the work market or to improve their abilities for their current profession.

2. Our Offer

We want to improve our market position in Hamburg by offering a high-quality, convincing and market-oriented range of products. Cost-conscious, efficient and effective course planning and implementation is a prerequisite for this. Our job market oriented programmes will continue to play an important role in the future to achieve this aim. The main focus of our programme is in foreign language/business training. For the training of jobseekers, support for reintegration into the workplace is paramount importance.

3. Our Customers

People who for private or professional reasons wish to learn or perfect a language are supported in this task by Colón. The individual expectations and development potential are taken into account in the preparation of participants’ course programmes. The goal of the individual is the main factor in this planning. The training method of Colón is based on long experience in Adult Education and is based on the following basic principles        

  • the trainers teach their native language
  • lessons are carried out using the direct method
  • our trainers are employed by Colón. We do not, if possible, use freelancers to ensure consistency

We develop close relationships with our customers and communicate with our partners and clients open and honestly to ensure we keep our image and reputation. The satisfaction of our customers is particularly important to ensure our competitiveness on the market. Customers and partners include:

  • the course participants who have a justified expectation of professional advice, support and qualified implementation of the course programmes
  • employees of customers who in addition to requiring high quality also require a job market focus and the improvement of participants’ potential on the market
  • business in the region who are possible clients for language programmes and who may for our participants provide  employment or internships 
  • employees of the state or trans-national institutions which finance projects and individuals for further education
  • partners with which we cooperate in the education industry.

4. Our Employees

Our employees are members or a responsible, efficient and solution- oriented team. We offer with our customers through market- orientated programme an international and future orientated service.

Professional education is a staff intensive service. Our customers expect high quality with regard to:

  • advice and support
  • training programme concept and organisation
  • expert and  pedagogical competence

This requires a great deal of engagement and identification with the goals of the school from our employees. Employees, through their behaviour, have a huge effect on customer satisfaction and carry responsibility for the success of our work. We are aware that this is only possible by allowing our employees the possibility for creativity and self initiative. To allow this our basic principles of management and supervision are based on:

  • cooperation and teamwork.
  • delegation of responsibility.
  • open communication.
  • support and further development.

The ability to deal with people from different cultures and religions is a prerequisite. Over 50% of the team is made up of non German nationals (our teachers teach their native language). All programmes are carried out with full consideration of equality and without any political influence.

5. Quality

We meet the increasing customer expectations through the use of a systematic rolling quality management programme. This programme is reviewed at regular intervals by external auditors. Colón has placed a high value on quality for many years and our close involvement with state institutions has made us more aware or our social and educational responsibility. This can specifically be seen in:

  • the continuity and current job market relevance of our programmes
  • the high professionalism and pedagogical and social competence of our staff
  • the high quality of our teaching facilities located in a quiet part of the city centre
  • the suitability of our course material for adults.

Quality has no specific target for us. It results from a continual optimization process which questions the currently achieved standards.

6. Job Market

The careful monitoring of the regional and trans-regional job market is the basis for our development of course concepts. We ensure this through:

  • regular customer feedback
  • close contact to businesses and private-school associations
  • the agreement  of  course programmes with clients
  • an  activity and adult oriented method which allows student to attain key qualifications
  • the inclusion of organisational experience
  • regular evaluation of our services.

Colón realizes the situation Germany is currently in and with our services are doing our best to help ensure that companies have access to a pool of highly qualified staff and open the door to better prospects for our customers.