The Colón Language Center

Sprachenschule Hamburg

The Colón Language Center was founded in 1952 and has developed into one of the leading language schools in Hamburg today.

Why Colón?

Why Colón? We would quickly like to answer this question with nine convincing arguements.

  • Experience - founded in 1952, Colón has gained 70 years experience in language teaching.
  • Teaching Quality - Colón employs over 50 qualified and experienced German teachers who are all native speakers and university graduates.
  • Location - Colón is located in a nice and quiet pedestrian zone down-town of Hamburg.
  • Small groups - Colón teaches in small groups with on average 6-8 students and a maximum of 14 students per group.
  • Teaching method - Colón uses the Direct Method of teaching. Students will be immersed in the German language from the beginning.
  • No area dialect - In Hamburg (Northern Germany) people speak high German.
  • Flexible course system - students with prior knowledge can start on any Monday, beginners start at least once per month, we can offer all levels at any time!
  • Inschool accomodation - The Colón Residence is located in the school building directly in Hamburg city centre in a quiet pedestrian zone.
  • Excursions - we offer a wide range of leisure excursions, for details click here
  • Excellent host families - we have only specially selected and regularly inspected German host families, who are all very committed and happy to host our internationl students.
  • Quality assurance - Colón has the title 'Geprüfte Weiterbildungseinrichtung' of the local association 'Weiterbildung Hamburg'; the school is regularly inspected by the 'International Association of Language Centres' (IALC); it is member of the Association 'Private Schools in Germany' (VDP); member in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (Handelskammer Hamburg); many courses are recognized by the Hamburg ministry of further education as Bildungsurlaub'; the school accredited by the swedish ministry of education (CSN recognized). We ourselves do our utmost to offer the high quality, people expect when they come to Colón!

Colón employs many qualified and experienced teachers who all have a university degree and have been teaching at Colón for years. 

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Colón was founded in 1952 and is one of the oldest private language schools in Hamburg.

Sprachkurse Hamburg
Colón Schulgebäude Colonanden 47

School buildings

Our school buildings (80 classrooms, library and residence) are located in Hamburg's city center in a quiet pedestrian zone, the Colonnaden.

Colón Bookshop

The school also has its own foreign language bookshop, selling modern language learning materials in print, audio and CR-Rom. Teaching materials can be supplied by our bookstore. For more information please contact: Tel.: ++49 40 34 58 50 e-mail: books(at)

Sprachkurse Hamburg

Cristobal Colón (Christopher Columbus)

The development of a language mirrors the cultural development of a people over the centuries. The ability of a foreign language gives you acces to other people, cultures and countries: discover new worlds through foreign languages. Cristobal Colón also known as Christopher Columbus discovered in 1492 The New World. Colón is named in his honour. 

Students from abroad

Every year students from over 30 different countries come to Colón to learn German.