Integration Course

Sprachenschule Hamburg Deutsch
Type of courseIntegration Course
Length of course28 weeks
TuitionFive 45-minute lessons a day
Lessons a week25
Time08:50 - 13:00
Number of participants15 - 25 participants

Immigration Act

On 01 January 2005 the Immigration Act came into effect. This act regulates obtaining German citizenship. The integration of immigrants in Germany is the centrepiece of German migration policy. Integration courses are language courses  giving participants the opportunity to gain sufficient German skills and an orientation course to familiarize participants with the history, culture and legal system of Germany.

Course description

The integration course is made up of 700 45-minute lessons.  It consists of:

  • Basic language course (300 lessons)
  • Advanced language course (300 lessons)
  • Orientation course (100 lessons)

You will familiarize yourself with the German language as well as life in Germany, German history and German culture. Participants with previous knowledge of German are not required to attend the basic language course. A placement test will determine the level you can join in the course.


The course is supported by the German government and costs the participants €1,95 per lesson. 100 hours must be paid for in advance when registering for the course. Participants receiving unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld II) or social security (Sozialhilfe) can apply for the course fee to be waived.

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