Intensive Courses

Intensive courses take place five days a week, Monday to Friday. Participants can choose to attend a course for either five or six 45-minute lessons a day. These courses can be booked on a weekly or monthly basis.

Deutschkurs Hamburg

Language lessons Monday to Friday. Five 45-minute lessons a day, either in the morning 08:50-13:00 or in the afternoon 13:30-17:45. 5 -12 participants per course (temporarily 15).

Deutschkurs Hamburg

Language lessons from Monday to Friday. Five 45-minute lessons a day in a group with an additional one-to-one lesson every day. Participants can choose between lessons in the morning, 08:00-13:00 or in the afternoon, 13:30-18:45. The morning course is accredited as “Bildungsurlaub” in Hamburg.

German Courses