Sprachenschule Hamburg Deutsch
Type of courseMini-groups
Length of course30* 45 minute lessons - approx two months
TuitionTwice a week - Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday
Time18:00 - 19:30 or 19:30 - 21:00
LevelEvery level available
Number of participants3 - 5 participants

* Courses with 60 45-minute lessons or 90 45-minute lessons can be booked. Take advantage of our discounts – when you book mini-group lessons a discount is offered if you book 60 or 90 45-minute lessons.

Course description

Mini-groups offer 3-5 participants optimal learning conditions: in a small group you can learn more effectively and our trainers can structure the course according to your personal requirements.

The 30 45-minute lessons per mini-group concentrate on everyday conversation as well as grammar structures. Reading, understanding and formulating texts are further components of this course. A mini-group lasts approx. 2 months. 15 sessions = 30 45-minute lessons.

Certificate – At the end of the course you will receive a certificate attesting to your attendance.

Fixed schedule

Our mini-groups are ideal if you have to work, or have other obligations during the day. Our mini-groups start at 18:00 or at 19:30 on a fixed day, enabling you to plan ahead.  One 90-minute lessons a week do not take up too much of your time and you will still make good progress.

Schedule 2009

  Month   Course dates 2009   Days
January07.01. - 25.02.2009Monday & Wednesday
February03.02. - 24.03.2009 Tuesday & Thursday
March02.03. - 22.04.2009Monday & Wednesday
April02.04. - 26.05.2009Tuesday & Thursday
May04.05. - 24.06.2009Monday & Wednesday
June02.06. - 21.07.2009Tuesday & Thursday
July02.07. - 20.08.2009Monday & Wednesday
August04.08. - 22.09.2009Tuesday & Thursday
September03.09. - 22.10.2009Monday & Wednesday
October06.10. - 24.11.2009Tuesday & Thursday
November03.11. - 22.12.2009Monday & Wednesday
December01.12. - 28.01.2010 Tuesday & Thursday


30 lessons (2 months)€ 315,-
60 lessons (4 months)€ 580,-
90 lessons (6 months)€ 815,-

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