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Welcome to Hamburg!

Here’s some interesting information about one of the world’s most beautiful cities: the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. The fascinating cosmopolitan city isn’t only elegant ambience and culture, it’s got modern architecture and it’s also and a leading economic center. For the German language student the city offers a perfect learning environment; High German is spoken in Hamburg. The language is like the north: specific, open and clear.

The Hamburg Binnenalster

Hamburg is all about the hanseatic atmosphere, the harbour, countless shopping malls, street cafes, trendy clubs, city sections and diverse cultural offerings. Whether you explore the city on foot, by ferry, boat, canoe, bicycle, taxi, or public transportation across the more than 2000 bridges (which is more than Venice and Amsterdam combined) or just lie on the beach at the Elbe, visit the harbour, or just enjoy nature in one of the many parks, visit the autumn apple harvest in the suburbs, or fly in a balloon across the city, Hamburg offers almost everything to everybody. Except the mountains are flatter here.

The Town Hall of Hamburg

Thanks to Colon’s central location, you can reach a lot of Hamburg’s highlights on foot or by public transportation. Attractions like the City Hall, St Michealis church and the Speicherstadt -the warehouse district- can be enjoyed in a leisurely stroll through the down town area. At the same time you’ll find shopping districts, small malls, boutiques, cafés, bars, restaurants, museums, theatres and galleries which are in the vicinity of Colon. Click here for more information about Hamburg's sightseeing and shopping, night life and culture.

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The Welcome Center

The open to the world and immigrant-friendly character of the city of Hamburg is reflected at the Hamburg Welcome Center the only one of its kind in Germany. The center’s team gives free advice about business, employment, education, children and family and, of course, Hamburg in general. For qualified skilled workers and management there are special immigration rules. Details are available at the Hamburg Welcome Center.