Visit the Holsten-Brewery with Colón. You will see a film about the development of the brewery, the modern plant and the filling plant. Afterwards you may, of course, test a Holsten light lunch.[more]

Canal trip


The trip through the Alster canals shows the city from one of its prettiest sides: old villas, parks, and overgrown canal banks. Only a short distance from the city center we experience a green paradise as far as the city park...[more]



Lübeck is unique- The city was declared a heritage site by UNESCO in 1987. The water enclosed old city with its 1800 listed buildings, narrow alleys and windy streets is not only pretty to look at but also a living city with...[more]

Hamburg Museum


Take a trip into the past with Colón. The museum will show you the history of Hamburg from the Middle Ages through to the present. Some of the interesting exhibits include models of the Reeperbahn and the Hamburg port, the...[more]



Schwerin is the oldest city in Mecklenburg. It lies in a picturesque setting between forests and lakes. The town was the residence of the King of Mecklenburg until 1918. The Schwerin Castle is on an island in the Lake Schwerin....[more]

Alster Boat Trip


See the Alster with Colón. You can get to know the city from its most beautiful perspective. In addition to seeing the beautiful park, the impressive villas and the wonderful view you will also learn some interesting things about...[more]

Daytrip to Ahrensburg Castle


Ahrensburg Castle is located in Ahrensburg, Schleswig-Holstein about 30 km north east of Hamburg city center. The renaissance-style small moated castle is one of the best known sights in Schleswig-Holstein. [more]

Museum der Arbeit


Visit the Museum of work with Colón. Learn how industrialization changed the work and daily lives of people 150 years ago and the consequences of this change for society and natur[more]

Hamburg City Hall


The Neo-renaissance style city hall has been the home of the Parliament and Mayor since 1897. This impressive building has a 111 metre long facade, a 112 metre high central tower and has an attractive central courtyard.[more]

Walk through Blankenese


Take a walk through one of Hamburg’s prettiest areas - Blankenese. From the hill enjoy the wonderful view of the river and the passing ship traffic. Then the famous Treppenviertel (stair quarter) with its winding alleys and...[more]