Canal trip

Thursday, 03. June 2010

The trip through the Alster canals shows the city from one of its prettiest sides: old villas, parks, and overgrown canal banks. Only a short distance from the city center we experience a green paradise as far as the city park lake.

[Translate to Englisch:] Quelle: Wikipedia Commons, Alsterdampfer "Eilbek". Im Hintergrund St. Jacobi. Urheber User Staro1 on de.wikipedia.

  • Date: Thursday, 3rd of June
  • Meeting: Infront of the Colón office
  • Time: 14:15
  • Price: € 14,50
  • Registration deadline: Wednesday, 2nd of June

Dear students, if you wish to join one of the Colón excursions, please note the registration date and contact us in the office on time.