Saturday, 29. May 2010

Lübeck is unique- The city was declared a heritage site by UNESCO in 1987. The water enclosed old city with its 1800 listed buildings, narrow alleys and windy streets is not only pretty to look at but also a living city with around 214,000 inhabitants. Once a free city, Lübeck is now the largest city of and deserves its title of Cultural capital of the north.

[Translate to Englisch:] Quelle: Wikipedia Commons. Fotograf: Jorges.

  • Date: Saturday, 29th of May
  • Meeting: Infront of the Colón office
  • Time: 09:15
  • Price: € 10,-
  • Registration deadline: Friday, 30th of May

Dear students, if you wish to join one of the Colón excursions, please note the registration date and contact us in the office on time.