Terms of registration for German courses at Colón Language Center

Please complete the registration form. Fill out the start date and, if already fixed, end date. The registration is either monthly or weekly.(see current price list). Daily billing is not possible. You will receive confirmation of your registration on receipt of your registration form and deposit(see point 2). If you need a certificate of registration for your visa application please inform us in advance.

The following costs must be paid on registration:

  • for participation of 1-4 weeks: course costs for this period
  • for participation of 4 weeks or more: course costs for the first month

Fees for further months are due at the start of each month. Payment may be made in cash or by credit card in the school or may be transferred to the our bank account.

If you do not enter the last day of your course in the registration form you will be billed monthly. The contract will be automatically extended each month. If you wish to end the contract you MUST do so in advance by letter in the office. If this is not done you will be liable for the next month’s payment. We only accept weekly registration if you inform the office in advance. If you complete part of a week payment for the full week id due. Daily billing is not possible.

We must receive written notice of cancellation. If a booking is cancelled 3 weeks before a course starts the advance fees or 50% of the monthly fee is due. It is not possible to cancel the booking after this date. Should a student not turn up for classes the fees are non- returnable. If a booking has to be postponed to a later date or if a visa has not been granted for the period the booking has been made a course may be postponed. We must receive written notice of this in advance.
Credits are valid for the maximum of 1 year and cannot be transferred or refunded. A cancellation of the course and the accommodation after the course has started is NOT possible. In this case we do not refund any money. Any change in your booking (for example postponing your course) costs EUR 80.-.


  • Homestay: reservations for accommodation in host-families are made in the participant's name, the costs of which are to be paid in advance to Colón. Homestay accommodations are booked in one-week periods beginning on Sundays and finishing on Saturdays. Smoking is allowed at host families' homes only with their permission. Students have to pay for any damages to the host families' homes and property by themselves.
  • School residence: the minimum age is 18 years, the minimum stay is 4 weeks. Arrival and departure day is Friday – any additional day will be charged for additionally. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited in the Colón residence. The consumption of drugs on campus will be reported to the police. Students have to pay for any damages to the school residence and property by themselves. We have commissioned a security company to make sure that the nights are quiet. All students are obliged to follow the instructions of the night guard.
  • Shared Apartment: reservation of the accommodation is to be made in the participant's name, the costs of the accommodation are to be paid in advance at Colón. The minimum age is 18 years, the minimum period of stay is 4 weeks. Arrivals should be on Sunday, departures on Saturday. Smoking is permitted only with express permission of the co-inhabitants. Should you damage something in the apartment, you will be held responsible for the damage.
  • Transportation: Colón can arrange for transportation from the airport to the place of lodging: one way EUR 80.-.

Neither Fremdsprachen-Institut Colón GmbH & Co. KG and associate company Colón Kommunikations-u. Mediengesellschaft mbH nor the host family may be held liable for possible illness of or accidents to a student. All students are to arrange adequate accident and health insurance for the duration of the stay. Students are liable for any damage they may cause in the accommodation or the school's premises or anywhere else in Germany independent of the student's age. Please be aware that the sharing of copyrighted material is illegal in Germany. Sharers of material are regulary pursued. We / the host families / apartment owners are obliged to provide the names and contact details of anybody who uses the internet conecction for such purposes. Please make sure that any file sharing software you may have on your computer is switched off for the entire duration of your stay in Germany, even if this is legal in your home country. Teenagers under the age of 18 are expected and engaged to act according to the German law for the protection of the children and the youth, which can be seen on the internet: www.bmfsfj.de/bmfsfj/generator/Kategorien/gesetze,did=5350.html. Court of jurisdiction in any case of legal action is HAMBURG, Germany.

For EU citizens a valid identity card or passport is required. For visitors from other countries a visa is required which must normally be acquired before departure from the home country. A visa can be acquired from a local German Government Representative (usually the Embassy or Consulate). Please enquire at the German Consulate in your city or at the German Embassy or at www.auswaertiges-amt.de To receive a German visa you must register for a course with at least 25 hours (5X5). For further information please take a look at the following link: http://www.colon.de/en/faq/visa.html.

A teaching hour (lesson) lasts 45 minutes. Groups have 5-12 participants or temporarily 14. The school reserves the right to decide on the group composition, course methodology and the teacher. In the event of the teacher not being able to teach a lesson the school will provide a substitute teacher. The school management may combine or close courses with fewer than 6 students or in the case of a mini group where a group has fewer than 3 students. We will do our utmost to provide students with another solution.

The school is closed on National Holidays and between 24 and 31 December. A fee reduction is not possible for public holidays. The hours can not be made up at a later time.

For the period between 24 and 31 December (excluding official Public Holidays) you will not be billed for your course.

We recommend you take out Health Insurance for the duration of your stay in Germany. If you are insured in your home country please check if you are covered for Health Care for your stay in Germany. If you are not covered for a stay in Germany we recommend the products of HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG (HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG, Neue Rabenstr. 28, 20354 Hamburg). On our website (www.colon.de) you can check a link which leads you to their products (www.colon.de/versicherung.html). For more information please contact the HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG directly: 0049-(0)-40-4119-1100.

Please note that in the event of an accident to or illness of a student that Colon does not bear any responsibility or liability. The student is responsible for contacting the insurance company in the event of a claim. If harm is caused to anyone or anything by an underage student the guardians of the student bear full responsibility for any damage caused. Colón does not bear responsibility for students who are under 18 years of age. If damage is caused to the school, host family, school residence or shared apartment by a student the student bears full responsibility for any costs arising. This contract is deemed to come under the Laws and Regulations of Hamburg and any dispute arising is to be settled in the Hamburg Courts.

We ask you to look after your belongings. The school bears no responsibility for loss or theft. Smoking and the consumption of alcohol or drugs is not allowed on the premises.

Colón Language Center, Colonnaden 96, 20354 Hamburg, Germany - Tel: +49-40-345850, Fax: +49-40-346854 E-Mail: info@colon.de Internet: www.colon.de