Anderson / Recife (Brazil)

1.)Your best Hamburg moment so far?

"Hmmm... I had so many!"

(Anderson takes a long break to think)

"I enjoyed how I arrived in Hamburg. My guestfamily waited for me at the airport and gave me a warm welcome. That was a nice start."

2.) The sun never shines in Hamburg - true or false?

"Never is wrong. Rarely is true!"

3.) What Colón excursion do you like best?

"Unfortunately I couldn't get out of bed when I registered for a daytrip to Schwerin. Very typical for a Brazilian!" (laughs)

4.) Is there anything you would like to recommend to other students?

"The Hamburger Stadtpark is really nice! You can go for a swim, play football, have a picnic, go canoe riding and so on."

5.) What to do in Hamburg on a rainy day?

"I stay in."

6.) Is life in Germany as you expected or has it surprised you?

"It surprised me. I thought I was going to be the only Brazilian in Hamburg but there are many people from Brazil and all over the world who live here."

7.) Is there anything you miss here in Hamburg?

"I miss the Brazilian way-of-life. For example: It's very hard to start a chat with a stranger in Hamburg! People here are more reserved.  They could be more easy going!"

8.) When will we welcome you back in Hamburg?

"Well as I said: I'm staying."