Avi / Yerevan

1.) Your best Hamburg moment so far?

I had many good moments. For example winning the Karaoke-Contest. 

2.) The sun never shines in Hamburg - true or false?

I saw the sun a couple of times! :-)

3.) What Colón-Excursion do you like best?

The daytrip to Schwerin was very, very good.

4.) Is there anything you would like to recommend to other students?

Oh yes, Stammtisch! You meet people, make friends and have fun. 

5.) What to do in Hamburg on a rainy day?

Meet friends. Study. 

6.) Is life in Hamburg as you expected or has it surprised you?

Hhhhm, the people are very open to the world in Hamburg, so I feel very welcome here. That doesn't surprise me but then again, I didn't expect that.

7.) How would you describe Hamburg in five words.

A beautiful city for everybody. 

8.) When will we welcome you back in Hamburg?

I'm staying.