Dennis / Chirkiw (Ukraine)

1.) What was your best moment in Hamburg so far?

I had to ask a man on the street to help me find the way. The great thing about it was, that after 20 minutes of searching the man didn't give up helping me. Finally we found where I had to go but I would have been lost without him.

2.) The sun never shines in Hamburg - true or false?


3.) Is there anything you would like to recommend to other students?

On the Reeerbahn there is an irish-pub with live music every Saturday. 

4.) What to do in Hamburg on a rainy day?

Go jogging at the Elbe!

5.) Is life in Germany as you expected or has it surprised you?

Actually, I didn't have too many expectations. One thing I was looking forward to was getting my coffee-to-go at Starbucks.

6.) How would you describe Hamburg in five words.

Green-, european-, harbour-city

7.) When will we welcome you back in Hamburg?

Im staying!