Golnaz / London

1.) What do you enjoy in Hamburg?

I really enjoyed the Colón Cinema-Night. The movie "Das Versprechen" was really helpful to understand Germany and German history.

2.) The sun never shines in Hamburg - true or false?

Compared to London it shines! :-)

3.) Is there anything you would like to recommend to other students?

Definitely the Colón Cinema-Night! You enjoy yourself and you learn something.

4.) What to do in Hamburg on a rainy day?

Go to Starbucks or to a sushi bar. 

5.) Is life in Germany as you expected or has it surprised you?

Compared to London life in Hamburg seems more "relaxed". 

6.) How would you describe Hamburg in five words.

cool, small, friendly German city. 

7.) When will we welcome you back in Hamburg?

In one month I'll be back in this very class! :-)