Thomas Moore / Minneapolis

1. What do you enjoy in Hamburg?

Actually I enjoy learning German at Colón pretty much. The students are nice, the teachers are nice. It's the kind atmosphere that I like!

2. The sun never shines in Hamburg - true or false?

...Lately it's been ok! False!

3. What Colón-Excursion do you like best?

Oh I really enjoyed the Volleyball match at the Alster. Great fun! 

4. Is there anything you would like to recommend to other students?

Definitely the Colón-Stammtisch! As a new student you want to socialize and get in contact with as many people as possible. The Stammtisch simply is the best place for this, in other words, it's the "great come together" of Colón-students, ex-students and teachers.

5. What to do in Hamburg on a rainy day?

Go to the Hamburg Kunsthalle (Hamburg Art Museum)!

6. Is life in Germany as you expected or has it surprised you?

I've been to Germany before and I came without expectations. Hhhhm, if something surprised me? I guess certain things just impress me more than they surprise me. For example the German efficiency! When it comes to public transportation, everything is so accurate!

7. How would you describe Hamburg in five words.

Modern, understated, quiet, welcoming and fun city! ...Hamburg deserves more than five words! :-)

8. When will we welcome you back in Hamburg?

I came to stay!